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Custom Engraved Jewellery

send us your jewellery engraving idea

Do you have a symbol or design idea you would like engraved on a pendant?

You can email us (below) and we will be able to turn your idea into an image for engraving and create your own custom engraved jewellery.

Remember when engraving jewellery –  keep it simple for best results.  Our pendants are 15mm across so try and keep the number of design elements to a minimum.

Creating a custom design is just $25 and is a beautiful way to make a truely individual piece.

Some examples of custom jewellery engraving that we have done on our pendants are.

  • Symbols of faith, hope, friendship, family, love or strength
  • Geometric designs
  • Maps of country eg Australia, Italy
  • Sporting clubs logos
  • Team momentos
  • High School Leaver Momento
  • Icons of special memories or places eg Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House
  • Names and significant dates of a loved one.
  • Fandom symbols – eg Harry Potter, Teen Wolf
  • Any Text, Symbols and Characters from other languages or cultures eg Chinese characters, Celtic symbols or Arabic language.
  • Simple line drawings by children
  • Coordinates on map
  • In Memoriam – dates, names and special message
  • Individual Monograms
  • Engraved Family Crest
  • Handwriting Engraved Jewellery – we can engrave handwriting names, messages or signatures.

The possibilities are endless. We look forward to helping you create a uniquely special piece of custom engraved jewellery!

Fill Out The Form below and don’t forget to attach a image.

You can take a photo of a sketch or find a similar symbol you like on the internet.


    Ideas for creating your own custom engraved jewellery. You will be surprised at what we can do – send us your jewellery engraving idea today.

    dandelion balloon engraving design
    Custom jewellery engraving design - dandelion balloon
    custom engraved symbol on necklace
    The Silver Store was able to engrave the custom symbol onto a silver disc pendant with rolo chain.
    engraved sport necklace
    Custom engraving design request of a soccer ball and playing number - such a clever gift idea for a keen sports person, a necklace engraved with their favourite sport symbol & shirt number. We have also engraved necklaces to celebrate sporting achievements & tournaments.
    custom engraving design mountain
    Custom design of mountains engraved on rose gold disc pendant with rolo chain


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