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Engraving Ideas For Personalised Necklaces

Engraving Ideas For Personalised Necklaces

View the video for some engraving ideas for personalised necklaces.

Below the video we have a list of popular quotes for engraving.

Top 5 Ideas for Engraving

  1. First Name
  2. Initial or Combined Initials
  3. Monogram first / last / middle initials in that order
  4.  Special dates, coordinates of special places
  5. Symbols of love  eg, Hearts, Infinity, Celtic Knot

Popular quotes for engraving on necklaces, pendants or bracelets

Friendship Engraving Ideas

Friendship Engraving Ideas

Best Friends

Friends Forever

Count on me

Shopping accomplice

You know me best

Friends wherever , whenever

I’ll marry you at 40

Partners In Crime

Sisters by Chance (engrave on other side) Friends by Choice.

With you it’s different / better

Love & luck

Message of Love

I / We love you to the moon & back

Forever Yours   / Your Forever

I love you more than _____ (insert word eg chocolate )

Worth the wait

I Love You

Peas & Carrots

To love & be loved

The beginning of always

I’m crazy for you

I adore you

You are my best friend

I’d still pick you

If Nannas were flowers I’d pick you.  (Insert any favourite person eg Mums, Aunties, friends etc )

Always & forever

It’s always been you

4 Ever

Dogs leave pawprints on your heart.  (insert any animal)

Horses leave hoofprints on your heart.

Messages of Hope, Encouragement & Inspiration

While I breathe I hope

Love Conquers All

Doing is better than saying

The only risk is not taking one



Dare to be remarkable

Live, Love, Laugh

Believe in yourself

Always close to your heart

You. Inspire. Me.

Carpe Diem

Learn from yesterday , live for today, hope for tomorrow

Messages of Thanks


A million thanks

A small token

Words are not enough

Pay it forward

It means the world

Messages Of Congratulations

“Its a Boy / It’s a Girl


The future is yours


You Did It!

In Memoriam

Always with you

Lost for now but loved forever

Forever in my hearts

Eternally loved

Until we meet again

You have left my life but you will never leave my heart.

Humorous Quotes

“Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur.”
Latin : Anything said in Latin sounds profound

Never Wrong

Put me back

Kiss me fool

The better half


You wore me down

You’ll do

If only you knew

Best Bitches

50th  – Oh no the big Five-oh!


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