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Necklace Length & Link Guide

What Is The Best Necklaces Length For My Engraved Pendant?

The Silver Store has variable length necklaces in two lengths –  45 and 50cm.

45cm  (18 inch) or sometimes called Princess Length  It is so named because it is very popular with young ladies although now this length tends to be the most common for wearing with pendants on all ages. This length of chain sits will sit your  engraved pendant on the collar bone. We have this length of chain available in sterling silver or rose gold in box or cable links.

50cm (20 inch) chain or sometimes called Matinee length sits below the collarbone and can be worn over a sweater.  This length of chain is available as a rolo link, an elegant smooth circular link. Like all of our chains the rolo necklace can be worn at 3 different lengths from 50cm to 42cm so your personalised pendant can always be in display.

What is the best length of necklace to display your personalised engraved pendants from The Silver Store? See our necklace length guide.

Rolo: The links of a rolo chain are usually identical and round (circular). These links joined in a simple alternating sequence, making this type of chain look elegantly simple.

Cable: The simplest style of chain. The links in a cable or trace chain are typically uniform in breadth and thickness, and look delicate in our 1mm width cable chain. This is an popular “everyday” necklace choice.

Box: Box chains have square links rather than round links, giving the chain a ‘boxy’ appearance. Thinner versions of box chains are popular for women’s jewellery and often paired up with pendants. The flatter sides of the links reflect the light making this type of chain sparkle.

The Silver Store has three necklace chain types to wear with our personalised pendants – cable, rolo and box chain


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