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The Silver Store


Photo Engraving

The Silver Store specialises in photo engraving. You can engrave a photo onto any of our products by clicking the pink “ADD ENGRAVING” bar on any product page then clicking on ‘photos’ to upload the photo onto the product. You can then drag and zoom the orientation of your photo onto the product. When happy clicked ‘add to cart’ once you have ok’d the design you will be able to write a note if needed such as to remove background.

Contact Us if you need any assistance, we will be happy to help you create a beautifully unique item. Popular items to engrave photos onto are our keyrings, pendants and mens and women’s necklaces.

Please note photo engraving takes extra time and care and is a specialist service which will automatically add $30 to your product price when you upload the photo to the product. 

Tips for ordering engraved photos so  that you get the best results;

Make sure the resolution of the photo is the best quality version of the photo you have. Zoom in on your photo on your device and check it is not too pixilated, low resolution (photos that are small files sizes eg under 500kB)  will not engrave as well.

If you are wanting to engrave an old printed photo use an app like PhotoScan to capture the photo rather than just taking a photo from your phone. 

Check to see if the people or pets in the photo you are engraving are not in half shadow / light, especially their faces. In most cases we will remove the background for you before engraving onto the item. 

Upload photos on to the product you want engraved in Jpeg or png file format. 

Apart from paw prints , footprints or  fingerprint we do not recommend engraving photos onto pendants that are less than 15mm wide. 


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