Engraved Handwriting Jewellery

Custom Engraved Handwriting Jewellery

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Engraved Handwriting Jewellery

Do you have a card, letter or note with a loved ones signature or special words? Capture those beautiful, meaningful handwritten names, words or symbols such as love hearts or xoxo (hugs n kisses) and keep them close to your heart with our custom engraved handwriting jewellery such as custom designed necklace, handwritten engraved pendants, mens dog tags or keyrings.

Email us (below) and we will be able to turn your handwriting sample into an image for engraving and create your own custom engraved handwriting jewellery.

Remember when engraving jewellery –  keep it simple for best results.  Our womens pendants are 15mm across so try and keep the number of design elements to a minimum, often a single name or few words is best,  30 characters maximum is a good guide.

The cost for this is custom service is $20 in addition to the jewellery and we can send you a mock up before engraving if you wish.

Some ideas of custom handwritten jewellery engraving that we have done on our pendants are.

  • Memorial handwriting jewellery peices
  • Engrave individual signatures
  • Engrave handwritten words of love, support & friendship
  • Engrave handwriting names, messages or signatures.
  • Engrave handwritten symbols such as smiling faces, xxx, love hearts
  • Handwriting in any language can be engraved.

The possibilities are endless. We look forward to helping you create a uniquely special piece of custom engraved handwritten jewellery!

Fill out the form below and don’t forget to attach a image. You can take a photo with your phone of the handwriting you would like us to engrave. If you have trouble attaching the image you can message it to us (click message symbol below right corner) or email info@thesilverstore.com.au or SMS 0400 830 840

I ordered a necklace from The Sliver Store to give to my sister on her wedding day with writing from an old birthday card from our Dad who is no longer with us. It was perfect! My sister loves it so much she hardly wants to take it off! 

Thank you much for making such a truely special piece. Amazing product and wonderful customer service, highly recommend. Sarah Tonge


    We can engrave handwriting on our jewellery. Send us a picture of the name, word(s) or symbol you would like engraved. Shown here is the word Always with a heart that was photographed from a card and then engraved on a sterling silver heart tag necklace.

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