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Engraved Couples Bracelets


Matching font will be on both bracelets

Cherish your connection with our Engraved Couples Bracelets. Crafted with love, these personalised pieces celebrate your unique bond. Meaningful and stylish, they’re a perfect symbol of shared memories. Embrace the beauty of togetherness.

Choose any 2 bracelets in either 4.5cm or 6mm widths , includes engraving on the front of each bracelet (Up to 30 characters).



Product Description

To see font examples click here,  Typewriter is our most popular font for engraved bracelets.

Made from medical grade stainless steel, with curb  link, the bracelet comes in two widths 4.5mm and 6mm and available in 17, 19, 20.5 and 22 cm lengths.

The engravable ID plate is 32 mm long  x 1.8mm thick.

Engraving ideas for couples bracelets can be both sentimental and personal. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Initials and Date:
    • Example: “J & M | Est. 20XX”
  2. Coordinates of a Special Place:
    • Example: “Coordinates of Our First Kiss”
  3. Short Love Quotes:
    • Example: “Forever Yours” or “Love Conquers All”
  4. Nicknames or Pet Names:
    • Example: “His Queen, Her King” or “Sunshine & Moonlight”
  5. Customized Messages:
    • Example: “Where It All Began” or “Love You to Infinity”
  6. Matching Puzzle Pieces:
    • Example: “You Complete Me”
  7. Roman Numerals of a Special Date:
    • Example: “IX.XXVIII.MMXVII” (for 9/28/2017)
  8. Song Lyrics or Quotes:
    • Example: “Your Song’s Chorus” or “Our Song, Our Story”
  9. Inside Jokes or Shared Phrases:
    • Example: “Team Us” or “Adventure Awaits”
  10. Promise Statements:
    • Example: “Forever and Always” or “My Heart is Yours”

Remember, the most meaningful engraving will come from something personal to the couple, reflecting their unique connection and shared experiences.


Additional information

Weight 9.5 g
Dimensions 210 × 7 × 2 mm



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